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Berlin Puffy VestBerlin Puffy Vest
On sale

Berlin Puffy Vest

$53 $177
Stockholm Ultra Light Down VestStockholm Ultra Light Down Vest
On sale

Stockholm Ultra Light Down Vest

$59 $197
Vancouver Cottony PuffyVancouver Cottony Puffy
On sale

Vancouver Cottony Puffy

$68 $228
Berlin Stria Long SleeveBerlin Stria Long Sleeve
On sale

Berlin Stria Long Sleeve

$49 $162
Berlin Embrace HoodieBerlin Embrace Hoodie
On sale

Berlin Embrace Hoodie

$49 $162
San Francisco Luxurious HoodieSan Francisco Luxurious Hoodie
On sale

San Francisco Luxurious Hoodie

$71 $238
San Francisco Puffer JacketSan Francisco Puffer Jacket
On sale

San Francisco Puffer Jacket

$71 $238
Stockholm Puffy Long JacketStockholm Puffy Long Jacket
On sale

Stockholm Puffy Long Jacket

$115 $385



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Cloud Technology
Experience a unique running sensation. This is a Cloud. The key to unlocking your running potential. By bringing Clouds together, On Running created a highly adaptive sole that reduces muscle fatigue and lowers heart rates. It is a cushioning system that’s active only during landings - exactly when you need it. Cushioning individually and as a unit, the Cloud elements react to your unique movements.

Soft landings | Explosive take-offs

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Athletic Propulsion Labs

Based in Los Angeles, APL (Athletic Propulsion Labs®) sits at the intersection of luxury and performance, creating the world's finest footwear for optimum comfort for all aspects of your lifestyle from training to travel and everything in between.
We are happy to present the gorgeous shoes from Athletic Propulsion Labs®.
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ViTESSE Mission

ViTESSE was started by a group of women passionate about supporting each other’s running journeys. We take pride in curating premium running apparel and accessories for customers all around the globe and are excited to help you shatter your personal bests and achieve your dreams!