Natalie Portman talks about her intense training for Thor: Love and Thunder

Portman says that this time her character will be completely different from the previous films, this time as the superhero The Mighty Thor. To be credible, the actress had to train hard.

Intensive training
“I worked with a coach several months before filming until the last moment of the movie.” The Academy Award winning actress begins. “I had to lift a lot of weight and drink the necessary protein shake“.

“I’ve never done that before, because I never wanted to be muscular and any role in my career would be really necessary. It was really a very physical experience, as we focused on my flexibility and strength“.

Till the end
Portman compares her role in love and thunder With that ballerina in black Swan: “Both projects required hard work and such training to prepare me for this role. I even started walking differently! However, it is such a wonderful feeling to feel strong for the first time in my life!“ 

By Paisley Dixon - Cheraw Chronicle
September 6, 2021