Kimera Koffee - Dark Blend Organic Ground

Fuel your workouts or the daily grind. Infused with brain vitamins that work synergistically to optimize focus, power output, cognition and athletic performance. All with a tasty, smooth, organic coffee edge you need to get through the day.
Say goodbye to your morning brain fog and your afternoon slump with this Premium Dark Roast Blend. So sit back and live out the energy surge and brain boost as your body endures a beautiful coffee experience with each sip.

Proven Ingredients:

1.     L-Theanine, reduces anxiety and promotes relaxation without drowsiness:

  • Subdues jittery side-effects
  • Helps maintain calm and focus
  • Increases speed and accuracy during various tasks
  • Reduces weight-gaining properties

2.     Taurine, helps prevent heart disease

  • Speeds up your metabolism
  • Helps your brain function optimally
  • Reduces feelings of weakness or fatigue

 3.     Alpha GPC , boost learning, memory and athletic power

  • Improves brain health
  • Promotes healing after brain trauma
  • Facilitates new neuronal connections

 4.     DMAE, enhances short-term memory

  • Boost Physical & Athletic Performance
  • Elevated Mood

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