Kimera Koffee - Original Blend Organic Ground

Fuel your workouts or the daily grind. Infused with brain vitamins that work synergistically to optimize focus, power output, cognition and athletic performance. All with a tasty, smooth, organic coffee edge you need to get through the day.
This original blend is the coffee that launched Kimera Koffee and all its ambassadors to their athletic peak. 

Proven Ingredients:

1.     L-Theanine, reduces anxiety and promotes relaxation without drowsiness:

  • Subdues jittery side-effects
  • Helps maintain calm and focus
  • Increases speed and accuracy during various tasks
  • Reduces weight-gaining properties

2.     Taurine, helps prevent heart disease

  • Speeds up your metabolism
  • Helps your brain function optimally
  • Reduces feelings of weakness or fatigue

 3.     Alpha GPC , boost learning, memory and athletic power

  • Improves brain health
  • Promotes healing after brain trauma
  • Facilitates new neuronal connections

 4.     DMAE, enhances short-term memory

  • Boost Physical & Athletic Performance
  • Elevated Mood

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